Come to swim and run in Otepää!

On 13–14 July, the Pühajärve Swim&Run Weekend organizing team welcomes all the sports enthusiasts to a challenge on an exciting competition in Otepää, South-Estonia.

During the two days you can take part in three different races with the common denominator being water and swimming – that means aquathlon, swimrun and open water swimming. The main race is the Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge, taking place now for the second time on 14 July and being the only multisport competition of its kind in Estonia and one in three in the Baltic states. In the course of the competition, participants will pass alternate swimming and running stages individually or as teams of two, and the main competition involves a total of 10 swimming sections with a length of 2.4 km.

Exciting challenges

SwimRun is suitable for triathletes, swimmers, runners as well as all other athletes, says the main organiser of the event Siim Ausmees, secretary general of the Estonian Multisport Association. He points out that it is an attractive multisport field that is gaining popularity all over the world and where, “Competitors need to carry all the necessary equipment with them during the race, swimming in sportswear and shoes unlike in other sports.”

Sports enthusiasts would definitely also fancy the aquathlon race, which consists of swimming and running, and which will determine this year’s Estonian champions. Open water swimming, however, needs no further introduction – swimming in the open water is a totally different matter from crawling in the pool.

A location that is made for sports

Otepää is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in Estonia for year-round leisure and sports for families. And even more charming is the Lake Pühajärv with its islands and a winding shoreline. “The SwimRun main race track is definitely one of the most picturesque tracks in Estonia,” says Ausmees, adding also that Lake Pühajärv is one of the warmest lakes in Estonia, with an average temperature of +21 °C in July. The race centre is situated on the beach of Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort with a breathtaking view on the Lake Pühajärv and its islands.

Something for everyone

Competition schedule includes races for youngsters, amateurs and veterans. It is good to know that the SwimRun youngsters’ and main races and the aquathlon is open also for all-male, all-female and mixed teams.

The first Pühajärve Swim&Run Weekend took place in July 2017 and received positive feedback both for its organisation and its concept. Several participants successfully completed all three races.

Very low early registration fees until 31 May, with the second round of registration open up to 8 July. Registration is open also on-site during the race day. Pre-registration as well as additional information on the races is available through